Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Current Affairs: A Few LYNN Family Facts

Do YOU have a Prince William County LYNN in your family tree?  If you have ancestors in the Northern Virginia area, give that tree a good hard shake, because you probably do.

It is believed that three LYNN brothers -- John, Michael, and William -- lived in Prince William County as early as 1740.  They were farmers who married and had children who, in their turn, increased and multiplied.  Almost every child named one of their children John, Michael, and/or William, carrying on the naming pattern for several generations.  Confusing?  Heck, yes!  Juggling which Lynn is which can be downright frustrating at times.  It helps a bit to know that John Lynn eventually wound up on the Fauquier side when the county boundaries changed.  Michael and William's descendants seem to have concentrated in the Occoquan/Dumfries area and around the Chapawamsic.  Some eventually moved further west, settling mid-county in what is now known as the Coles District.

DID YOU KNOW?:   The "Coles" district was given its name by Lawrence Cole, a prominent farmer, postmaster, and magistrate, who was himself a LYNN descendant through his mother, Prudence, the daughter of William?

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