Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wednesday's Child: Lucretia Alexina Evans

Alexandria Gazette (Alexandria, VA)
October 16, 1846

DIED, At Brentsville, Prince William County, Va., on Tuesday evening, 6th instnat, after a painful illness of two days, Lucretia Alexina, aged two years, only child of James A. and Ann M. Evans.  Nothing that can be said could possibly console or alleviate the grief of her parents at the loss of one so sweet and interesting as was this child.

"Yes! thou art fled, ere guilt had power
   To stain thy cherub soul and form,
Closed is the soft ephemeral flower,
   That never felt a storm!
The sunbeam's smile, the zephyr's breath
All that is it knew from birth to death.

"Oh! had'st thou still on earth reamin'd
   Vision of beauty! fair as brief!
How soon thy brightness had been stained
   With passion or with grief!
Now not a sullying breath can rise,
To dim thy glory in the skies."

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