Friday, September 27, 2013

Friend of Friends: James Henry Mitchell

Richmond Enquirer (Richmond, VA)
October 6, 1856

MURDER. -- The negro man Jim, alias James Henry Mitchell, who murdered James T. Vermillion, of Fairfax county, on Tuesday last, whilst in the act of taking him before a magistrate (notice of which has been published by the Commonwealth's Attorney), was apprehended on Thursday, and committed to the jail of this county, to await his trial before a called Court to be held the ensuing week.  He is the property of Z. Brawner, of Prince William county, from whom he had absconded but a few days, when arrested by Vermillian, and, it appears, was at that time in pursuit of a reputed conjuror named Nelly (a negro woman), belonging to Mrs. Lee in the neighborhood, and by whose arts he expected to escape punishment for an offence commited in his own county.  He has made full confession of his guilt, and seems deeply penitent, alleging that he struck Vermillian, (with a fence stake), for the sole purpose of making his escape, not anticipating the result of the blow.  He is to be pitied, as his age (about twenty) would forbid the idea of his being hardened in crime.  We presume, however, that the law in so plain a case is stern and unbending.  Mr. V. recovered after receiving the blow, so as to be able to reach his dwelling on foot, about a mile -- he lived between five and six hours.  Upon examination after death, his skull was found to be fractured.

[Portsmouth Chronicle]

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