Friday, August 2, 2013

Friend of Friends Friday: $300 Reward for Thornton

Baltimore Sun (Baltimore, MD) - October 7, 1853

THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS REWARD.  -- Ran away from the subscriber, living near Buckland, Prince William County, Va., on Sunday the 25th inst., Negro Man THORNTON, about 30 years of age, and stout; very dark; 5 feet 7 or 8 inches in height;wide mouth, thick lips,  high cheek bones; slow of speech, and much inclined to laugh or smile when spoken to; little or no beard, and considerable stoop about the neck and shoulders.  When last seen had on a white felt hat and blue frock coat.

--$50 will be given if taken in any part of this State; $100 in any other Slave State; $200 in Pennsylvania, and $300 in any other Free State, provided he is secured in jail so I get him again.

T. M. Washington
Near Buckland, Pr. Wm. Co., Va.

Baltimore Sun (Baltimore, MD) - October 7, 1853

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