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Black History Month: Ranaway (Que) (Phill) (Tom Fuller) (George) (John) (Amos)

Virginia Gazette – July 8, 1773

COMMITTED to the gaol of Prince William county, the 16th of June, a Negro fellow who calls himself QUE, and says he belongs to Nathaniel Burwell, of the Isle of Wight county; he is a young, black fellow, about 21 years of age, 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, has on a drill coat, black worsted stockings, and red waistcoat – Also committed, the 7th of June, a Mulatto fellow who says his name is Samuel Butcher, and that he formerly belonged to Robert Evans, of Dinwiddie, but that he has heard that Mr. Mason obtained his freedom last April General Court. The owners, if any, are desired to prove their property, and pay charges.


Virginia Gazette – June 16, 1775

COMMITTED to Cumberland jail, a middle sized negro man, seems to have been in the country about five years, says his name is Phill, and that his master lives in Prince William county, at the Red House, and is named John Tyler. The owner is desired to take him away, and pay charges.


Alexandria Gazette – January 5, 1822

TOM FULLER IS GONE! $50 REWARD. Will be given for the apprehension of Tom Fuller, a coloured man, purchased lately from Mrs. Summers of Alexandria, he is black, and aged about 30 years, has a free wife in said city, near Legg's tavern. A stout, tall, well made man, understands something of the tanning business, is well known in Alexandria. The above reward will be paid on his delivery to Capt. O. W. Callis at Barnaby in Md. Or at Greenwood, Prince William Co., Va.

by his agent, O. W. CALLIS

Alexandria Gazette – September 18, 1826

$20 Reward. RANAWAY, on Sunday the 25th day of June last, from the subscriber, living near Brentsville, Prince William Co. Va. A negro man by the name of GEORGE. He is square built, of pretty dark complexion, supposed to be about five feet, 9 or 10 inches high, some what bow-legged, and the only scar recollected is one which he received on one of his shoulders, or blade bone, cut with a scythe. He is nearly sixty years of age, but has a very youthful appearance for his age. He has worked at the Shoemaker's trade, and is a very good wagoner. He also professes the Baptist Religion, and frequently pretends to officiate as a minister of the gospel. His clothing, as well as recollected, consists of a coat, pantaloons and a vest, of imported blue broadcloth, an over coat and pantaloons of home made drab broad cloth, and a black fur hat with a very broad brim. I purchased him from Mrs. Elizabeth Blackburn, of Jefferson County, Va. And he has several relations amongst her negroes, and I have no doubt he is harbored by them either on her farm, or in that neighborhood. I will give the above reward, with all reasonable expenses, to any person who will deliver him to me at my residence, or lodge him in jail so that I get him again.

John HOOE, Jr.
Prince William County, 18th Sept.

Alexandria Gazette – August 26, 1833

25DOLLARS REWARD. RANAWAY from the subscriber, Prince William County, Virginia, on the 20th of August, a Negro Lad named JOHN, 19 years old, about 5 feet high , of yellow complexion, small made, rather a pleasing countenance; when spoken to, a down look; his left fore finger some little time since was cut very bad, it is nearly well; a small scar on his nose. The clothing a blue cassinett coat, striped twilled cotton pantaloons, and a black cap; the balance of clothing not recollected. This lad calls himself John Jacobs. The above reward out of State, $15 out of the County, and $5 in the County; if brought home or secured so that [I] get him again.

aug 24-3t

Alexandria Gazette – September 17, 1853

$50 REWARD – Ranaway from the subscriber, near Bristoe's Station, Prince William Co., Va., on the 10th inst., my Negro Man, AMOS. Amos is about 28 years of age, 5 feet, 8 or 9 inches high; of dark complexion. He has a full suit of bushy hair, and a downcast look when spoken to. I will give the above reward of $50 if taken out of Virginia, and $20 if taken in this State, and secured so that I get him.

Bristoe Station, Va., 17-eotf

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