Sunday, October 28, 2012

Newspaper Tidbits: Storms in PWCo

June 22, 1860 – Alexandria Gazette

SEVERE HAIL STORM IN PRINCE WILLIAM.—The hail storm of Tuesday last passed over that part of Prince William county between Bacon Race and Dumfries, doing great damage to the growing crops.  The hail stones are said to have been as large as partridge eggs; and the storm lasted about an hour and a half.  Among the principal sufferers are R. B. Merchant, whose loss is estimated at from $500 to $1,000.  A building occupied by the servants of W. H. A. Merchant was blown over by the wind, which was very high.  Warren Davis's crop of wheat and corn is very much damaged—his loss is estimated at 4500.  Richard Stonnell's loss to his crop is about $500.  Z. Kankey had nearly his entire corn crop destroyed and loses about $1000.  The gardens in the village of Dumfries were completely destroyed, and all the inhabitants of the village suffer more or less loss.  The crops all along the path of the storm were very much injured.

May 24, 1874 – Alexandria Gazette

During the thunder storm on Saturday last, a large locust tree, in Mr. John T. Leachman's front yard was struck by lightning, tearing it into fragments and throwing the debries  on and over the house.  Several members of Mr. Leachman's family were very much shocked.  So great was the shock that articles in the house were thrown down.  The rain was very heavy in that section, raising the streams unusually high, and washing away water gaps fencing & c.  Lightning also struck a tree near the house of Mr. Mankins, a quarter of a mile outside the village, and severely stunned his daughter.

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