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Church Record Sunday: In Chancery

Following are a few excerpts of church records transcribed from PWCo Chancery cases.  The Chancery number for each corresponds to the Library of Virginia Chancery Index.

Chancery 153-1870-001

Upon the application of the congregations worshiping at the Union Church at Independent Hill in Prince William County and it appearing to the Court that the former trustees of said Church property have all died or left the neighborhood, it is adjudged, ordered and decreed that A. B. Weedon, Sidney F. Teasdale, Wm. M. Lynn, Horace Cole, and John W. Davis be and they are hereby appointed trustees in the room and stead of those who have died and left the neighborhood as aforesaid.

May 11th 1870

~  ~  ~

Chancery 153-1875-043

January 2, 1875
Trustees of White Union Church

A. Nicol
Edwin Nelson
Geo. Sexsmith
Jas. B. Reid
A. M. Hershey
Austin Weedon

~  ~  ~

Chancery 153-1875-044

I, Sidney F. Teasdale, Deacon of Woodbine Baptist (New School) Church hereby ask the circuit court of Prince William County to appoint and confirm as Trustees of said church the following persons.

Levi C. Lynn, John H. Renoe, George W. Lowe, Charles W. Teasdale and Aylett Nicol as Trustees to the property of said Church, said Trustees having been appointed in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of said church

Brentsville, Va.
May 3d 1875

S. F. Teasdale

~  ~  ~

Chancery 153-1905-007

In vacation, before Hon. Chas. E. Nicol, Judge of the Circuit Court for Prince William County, this 19th day of June 1905.

Upon the petition of the Trustees of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Manassas, Virginia.

This day came C. H. Beiber, Wm. R. May, M. L. Pence and N. G. Moore, Trustees of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, of Manassas, Virginia, and filed their petition, asking leave to encumber a certain lot or parcel of land, lying and being situate in the Town of Manassas, Va., on Lee Avenue, and being the same property conveyed to certain trustees for the said Evangelical Lutheran Church of Manassas, by George C. Round and Eminly C. Round by deed bearing date on the 21st day of December 1895.

And it appearing to the judge that it is the desire and will of the congregation of the said Evangelical Lutheran Church to encumber the said lot aforesaid for the purpose of finishing the parsonage commenced thereon, as set out in the said petition, therefore I, Charles E. Nicol, Judge of the Circuit Court for Prince William County, Va., do grant unto the said trustees, or their successors, power and authority to borrow $600 Dollars, the said sum so borrowed to be expended in the completion of the parsonage, for such time as said trustees deem advisable so that the term do not exceed six years, and convey the lot aforesaid int rust to secure the payment of the sum borrowed.

The Clerk of the Circuit Court for Prince William County will spread the above order upon the Chancery order book of this court.

C. E. Nicol
Judge of the Circuit Court of Prince William County, Virginia

~  ~  ~

Chancery 153-1905-042

This cause came on this day to be heard on the report of John Johnson, Treasurer of the Colored Baptist Church of Manassas and papers formerly read to which report there are no exceptions and was argued by counsel on consideration whereof it appearing to the said Court that the said Treasurer has distributed the money paid to him by P. V. Portner in obedience to a decree entered in this cause it is therefore adjudged, ordered and decreed that the said John Johnson and M. D. Williams his surety be released from said bond executed in this cause, as all of the said money has been distributed as provided in said decree. And this decree shall be final.

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