Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Newspaper Tidbit: A New Candidate

Roanoke Times - 25 May 1897

A NEW CANDIDATE.  There is a new candidate in the field for the Democratic nomination for governor.  This is Mr. James Robert Southall, of Gainesville, Prince William county, who says he is sure to win.  Mr. Southall is here working up a boom for himself.  He wants to be governor and he does not hesitate to say so.  And he further declares that the people want him.  Mr. Southall came here to attend the session of the State committee and has remained over to talk up his candidacy.  He says he has made several speeches in his section of the State and will go from here to Culpeper and Orange.  Mr. Southall, who was a gallant Confederate and is a great sportsman, proposes quite a liberal platform on which he thinks all Democrats can stand.  He seems equally as earnest as either of the other three candidates in the field, and says he is working night and day with every assurance of success.
   ~Richmond correspondent Norfolk Pilot

(Apparently not enough people "wanted" Mr. Southall.  James Hogue Tyler was elected the 43rd Governor of Virginia from 1898 to 1902 ~cgl)

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