Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Marriages: Dumfries

Alexandria Gazette – 13 April 1810
   Married on Wednesday evening last, at Dumfries, by the Rev. Mr. O'Neal, Doctor Thomas Triplett, of the U. States navy, to Miss Margaret C. Tebbs, of that place.

Alexandria Herald – 3 April 1816
   Married at Dumfries on Sunday the 31st ult. By the Rev. Mr. Lathram, Wm. R. Chapman, Esq. to Miss Martha Hayes, only daughter of Captain James Hayes, of that place.

Alexandria Herald – 17 July 1816
   Married in Dumfries, on Thursday evening last by the Rev. Mr. Sedwick, Mr. James Macdaniel to Mrs. Margaret Tomblin, both of that place.

Alexandria Herald – 27 August 1817
   MARRIED on Sunday evening last by the Rev. Mr. Griffith, Mr. George A. Smoot, merchant, of Dumfries, to Miss Elizabeth Bland of the same place.

Alexandria Heralad – 15 September 1817
   MARRIED At Dumfries, on Sunday the 7th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Kankey, Mr. Henry M. Smoote, to Mrs. Phoebe Huber, all of that place.

Alexandria Heralnd – 10 Augus t1818
   MARRIED on Tuesday evening, the 28th ult. By the Rev. Mr. Allen, Benjamin Plummer esq. merchant to Miss Margaret Alexander, all of Dumfries.

Alexandria Herald – 7 December 1818
   MARRIED At Dumfries, VA on Thursday last, Henry Fairfax, Esq. to Miss Sophia Scott, daughter of Jessee Scott, Esq. all of that place.

Alexandria Herald – 10 May 1819
   MARRIED on Thursday evening, last by the rev. Mr. Wilmer, Foushee Tebbs, esq. of Dumfries to Miss Nancy R. Chapin, daughter of the late Curden Chapin, esq. of this town.

Genius of Liberty – 12 October 1819
   MARRIED, In Dumfries, on the 30th ult by the rev. Wm. Steel, John Robert Wallace, Esq. (late of the United States' Military Academy) to Miss Elizabeth W. Macrae, the former of Warrenton, Fauquier county, the latter of Dumfries.

Alexandria Herald – 13 November 1822
   At Dumfries, VA. On Sunday week, by the rev. Geo. Lemmon, the rev. Stephen Wilson Presstman, of Baltimore, to Ann, youngest daughter of the late Timothy Brundige, esq.

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