Thursday, March 31, 2011

Prince William County Genealogical Society

The Prince William County Genealogical Society will host a presentation by Kent Sovine, president of Virginia Lawn Services, on "Cemetery Maintenance" on April 12, 2011 at 10:30 a.m. in the Community Room of Chinn Park Library.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Newspaper: Gen. Mahone and the Ex-Confederates

Shenandoah Herald
May 17, 1882

GEN. MAHONE AND THE EX-CONFEDERATES -- Major Robert Tansill, of Prince William county, Va., formerly an officer in the Federal army and afterward a colonel in the Confederate service, and who during the recent campaign in Virginia, was a pronounced readjuster, has written a letter in which he severely arrains Senator Mahone for his recent vote, the effect of which is to prevent ex-Confederate soldiers from holding commissions in U.S. army and navy. 

Major Tansill declares that Senator Mahone by his vote "exhibited a degree and kind of political ingratitude and wrong which equals if it does not transcend any to be found in the history of our fallen race.  This strange and cruel act is fatal, as it ought to be, to Gen. Mahone's political prosepcts, so far as Virginia is concerned, unless the people of the State have unfortunately degenerated so as to be capable of the degredation of imitating the servile nature and example of the dog, in licking the hand that smites and degrades them."  Before concluding Major Tansill declares that "no imaginable excuse can be advanced for Gen. Mahone's unnatural and detestable treachery to his old friends and companions in arms."

(NOTE:  Per Wikipedia, in the post-Civil War years, William Mahone "helped form and lead a coalition of blacks, Republicans, and Conservative Democrats that became known as the Readjuster Party, so-named for a position regarding Virginia's troublesome post-War public debt issues.")

Monday, March 28, 2011

Chancery documents

Think Chancery records are filled with boring old legal documents and correspondence between attorneys?  They're not!  You might be surprised by some of the documents that are made of record to prove a party's claims, like the following marriage license in the 1913 divorce case between Martha Davis and John H. Carter.

Davis Carter marriage license

It's a copy of the ornate license, which includes the names of the parents of both bride and groom. 

Chancery records might also hold bonds, deeds, wills, plats, and genealogies.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Newspaper: Will of Margharetha A. Endres

Washington Post
August 27, 1902 - pg. 10

The will of Margharetha Amalia Endres, bearing date of March 24, 1902, was filed for probate yesterday.  It provides that a farm owned by the testatrix in Prince William County, Va., and her personal property are to be divided equally between her sister, Clara M. Kress; her brother, Stephen J. A. Hartbrecht, and the following heirs of a sister who is dead:  Stephen J. Kubel, Ernest Kubel, Josephine Taylor, and Clara Kubel.  Stephen J. Kubel is named as the executor.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Newspaper Advertisement

The Washington Herald
October 10, 1907 - pg. 10


Near Independent Hill Prince William Va.  Nine miles south of Manassas; containing 110 acres; about 60 cleared and the rest in oak and pine timber; four-room frame house; barn 24x36, with basement and 10x36 shed, and other necessary outbuildings; all buildings good as new. production red-loam soil; 1/4 mile from stores, post office, and churches, 1/2 mile from school; partly fenced with wire; several small streams running through place.  Will sell for $1,200; half cash, balance in easy payments.

Independent Hill, VA

Will: William Copin, Sr.

Prince William Co. Will Book I, Page 42

IN THE NAME of God AMEN I William Copin Senior of the County of Prince William and Parish of Detingen being of sound mind and memory at this time thanks be to god Almighty God for the same but calling to mind the uncertainty of human life do make and ordain this my last will and Testament in manner and form as followeth. And first I most humbly recommend my soul to Almighty God who gave it to me hoping for a Resurection to eternal life through the atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ which he has made for sinners and I would have my body committed to the earth from whence it came to be decently buried at the discretion of my Executors hereafter named. Item having given in my life time to my son William Copin in house hold goods to the value of Eight pounds Eleven shillings and and to my Daughter Sally Lynn fourteen pounds, to my son George Copin Eight pounds seven shillings to my son Zacheus Copin Eleven pounds fifteen shillings it is my will that all I have in my possession at the time of my decease both real and personal I give and bequeath to loving wife Elizabeth Copein during her life after my debts are paid and after her decease what she leaves to be divided so as to make William and George and Zacheus' part equal with Sally's and after that to divide what remains equally between William, Sally, George and Zacheus or to their heirs, and I appoint my loving wife Elizabeth Copein and my son Zacheus Copin Executors of this my last will and Testament. In witness whereof I have set my hand and affixed my seal this Eighteenth Day of February in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Ninety Three.

William Copen Senior [seal]

Signed Sealed and declared to be his last will by
the Testator in presence of us and in his presence attested by
Early Wells
Josius Stoner, Benjamin Stoner

At a Court Continued and held for Prince William County February the 5th 1805.

This Last Will and Testament of William Copin Deceased was presented to the Court by George Copin, and it appearing that the Witnesses reside in the state of Kentucky and it further appearing by Testimony and a Comparison of handwriting that the said Will is in the hand writing of the said William Copin dec'd It is therefore ordered to be recorded.

Teste, J.Williams

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Will: Matthew W. Brooke

Prince William County Will Book L, pg. 8
18 Aug 1816; proved 03 Dec 1816

I MATTHEW W. BROOKE of the county of Prince William being sick and infirm in body, but of sound and perfect mind do make this my last will and testament as follows – First I commit my soul to Almighty God and my body to the earth to be decently intered at the discretion of my Executor hereafter named.  Secondly I subject the whole of my Estate to the payment of my debts and afterwards the residue thereof both real and personal to be kept together for the mutual benefit of my beloved wife and daughter BETTY WHITING during the minority of the latter, unless she marry before it expire.  Upon her attainment of the age of twenty one years, or marriage before that period, it is my will and desire that an equal division of the whole of my estate be made between my wife and daughter, and that the former hold her moity during her natural life, if she shall so long remain in a state of widowhood.  Thirdly, if my wife shall at any time marry I devise and bequeath to her one third only of my estate real and personal during her natural life, and direct that upon her marriage if no division of my estate shall have been made at that time, she shall receive and be entitled to no more, and if a division at that time shall have been made, that the excess above one third be restored to my daughter.  Fourthly, in the event of my daughter’s death before she shall have attained the age of twenty one years I give to my wife in like manner one moity of my estate real and personal during her widowhood and in case of her marriage, one third only during her natural life, at her death to be divided between my sister LUCY INGRAM’s children now living.  Lastly, I commit the protection of my wife, and guardianship of my daughter, to my friend Mr. THOMAS INGRAM whom I do hereby appoint my Executor.  In testimony hereof I affix my hand & seal this 16th day of August eighteen hundred and sixteen.

M. W. BROOKE   {seal}

Signed & published in presence of

At a Court held by adjournment for Prince William County December 3rd 1816.

This last will and testament of MATHEW W. BROOKE decd was presented to the Court by THOMAS INGRAM the Executor therein named who made oath to the same according to law and the said will being proved by the oaths of LUCY B. DIGGES and JAMES W. WALLACE is ordered to be recorded and the said THOMAS INGRAM having taken the oath of an Executor and performed what is usual in such cases certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.

Teste, PHIL. D. DAWE

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Cavalry Ride from Brentsville to Manassas

From here.

Event:  April 30, 2011

Join the 4th Va. Prince William Cavalry as they recreate their 1861 Ride from Brentsville to Manassas. Visit Brentsville Courthouse Historic Centre from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for Prince William Prepares For War!, which includes Secession debates, tours, and period military drills ($5 admission to site). The Blackhorse Cavalry will be sent off with great fanfare for their ride to Manassas at 3:30 p.m. Spectators can view the ride on Gateway Boulevard and at The Manassas Industrial School/ Jennie Dean Memorial in Manassas. The cavalry will participate in a roll call ceremony when arriving at The Manassas Museum. The museum will also sponsor a free 3 p.m. Author’s Talk with Eric Wittenberg, author of The Battle at Brandy Station, and a reception for the new exhibit They Rode From Brentsville.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

PW Cavalry Research Afternoon

Saturday, March 19, 2011, from 11:00am until 1:00pm at Brentsville Courthouse Historic Center.

Please see the following for more information: 
Prince William Cavalry Research Afternoon

Sunday, March 6, 2011

PWCo. Mailing Lists

VAPWILLI is a mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in Prince William County, Virginia.  To subscribe send "subscribe" to (mail mode) or (digest mode).

VACMANAS is a mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the city of Manassas, Virginia. To subscribe send "subscribe" to (mail mode) or (digest mode). 

VA-CEMETERIES is a mailing list for anyone interested in locating, and preserving historical information about, Virginia cemeteries. It welcomes queries and postings regarding location of graves, cemeteries which have been indexed both on the internet and in other written forms, cemetery research, and the care of tombstones. To subscribe send "subscribe" to (mail mode) or (digest mode).

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Will: Charlotte Ewell

Prince William County Will Book  M, pg 402
25 Jan 1826; proved 05 Jun 1826

In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and twenty six I CHARLOTTE EWELL of Dumfries being by the blessing of my Heavenly Father of sound mind tho low in health do make this my last Will and Testament revoking all others made prior to this date.  It is my wish (as Legatee to my Father’s Estate what may befal me as an equal portion with the others, as also a debt due me from the same of twenty two pounds ten shilling and six pence with interest since his Death eighteen hundred and five) should be applied to the payment of Eleanor a servant I purchased at the Belair sale as also some other articles which my account will show my physician’s bill and funeral expenses paid and the remainder to be placed in the hands of my sister Weems for the benefit of M. L. WEEMS and F. M. WEEMS as she may think proper and to my beloved sister Weems I give the said Eleanor, Frederick and his sister Mary, to have and to hold by her, her heirs and assigns perfectly free from any title or claim that can be brought against them, as my title is undoubted and I do hereby appoint Mr. Henry C. Slade my Executor of this my last will and testament to which I annex my hand and seal this day the 25 of January 1826.



At a Court of Quarterly Sessions held for Prince William County  the 5th day of June 1826.  This last will and testament of CHARLOTTE EWELL decd. was presented to the Court and being proved by the oaths of Nancy O. Weems and Jesse Chesney is ordered to be recorded.

Teste, PHIL. D. DAWE

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Prince William County Civil War Units

Co. A, 4th VA Cav. - Prince William Cavalry
Co. H, 15th VA Cav. - Capt. William G. Brawner's Co.
Co. C, 8th VA Inf. - Evergreen Guards
Co. D, 8th VA Inf. - Champe Rifles
Co. F, 17th VA Inf. - Prince William Rifles
Co. A, 49th VA Inf. - Ewell Guards
Co. B, 49th VA Inf. - Quantico Guards