Sunday, October 16, 2011

Newspaper Tidbits

The Washington Post
May 27, 1893

ARRESTED HIS WIFE.  Rev. Dr. Payton Takes His Unfaithful Wife to a Police Station.

Baltimore, May 26.—Rev. Oscar C. Payton, of Manassas, Va., arrested his wife in this city to-day and took her to a police station, where he charged her with having broken her marital vows.

Rev. Mr. Payton says they were married six years ago.  They have no children.  Six weeks ago, he says, his wife told him that she wanted to come to Baltimore to visit some friends.  He gave his consent, and his wife left home.  During the interval they corresponded, and he sent her money.  Finding that she refused to return home, he sent his wife's brother here and upon his report the husband came to town.  Mrs. Payton was known here as a Mrs. Carr.  She is about twenty-five years of age.  She says that she never loved her husband; that he was cruel to her, and that he was too old.  Mrs. Payton will go back to Richmond, Va.

~ ~ ~ ~

The Washington Post
May 22, 1909

MOTHER OF 11 WEDS AGAIN.  Was Congratulated by Roosevelt on the Birth of Triplets.

Manassas, Va., May 21.—William Breeden, Jr. and Mrs. Nicholas Breeden, his sister-in-law, of Prince William county, were married here yesterday.  Mrs. Breeden has eleven living children, of whom there were two sets of twins and one set of triplets in succession.

When Mrs. Breeden's triplets were born the fact was reported to Theodore Roosevelt, then President, and Mr. Roosevelt replied with a congratulatory letter.

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