Monday, September 19, 2011

Will: Jesse Warder

Prince William County Will Book M, pg 164
03 Nov 1823; proved 02 Feb 1824

No all persons that I JESSE WARDER of the County of Prince William & State of Virginia doath this third day of November eighteen hundred & 23 make this my last will and testament whereas, I give to my son WILLIAM one bed & furniture thereto & one cow & calf.  I allso give to my sun WALTER WARDER one bed & furniture & one cow & calf.  I also give to my daughter ELIZABETH one bed and furniture and one cow and calf, and I allso give my daughter ELIZABETH forty dollars in cash.  I give and bequeath unto my afectionate wife MILFOARD WARDER all the balance of my stock househoalds and kitchen furniture and crop on hand and allso my negroes JAMES, JACK and MARIAH all of which she is to have and to hoald for her oan support during her natural life, that is after all my just debts are paid and after my wifes death, my desire is that the property may be divided between my five children, to my daughter MARY STONEL, JNO. WARDER, and his wife, WILLIAM WARDER, WALTER WARDER and ELIZABETH WARDER.  At the death of my sun JOHN and his wife the property shall go to their children.  I allso give to my sun JOHN WARDERs children two beds and furniture two tables to chairs one lume one spining wheal and cords and one iron pot.  Such said utensils are now in the possession of my sun JOHN for the benefit of his children.  This being my last will and testament I now appoint my suninlaw RICHARD STONAL and my sun WALTER WARDER as my soal executors as witness whereof I have hereunto afixed my mark as the day and date above menchioned.



At a Court held for Prince William County February 2 1824.  This last will and testament of JESSE WARDER decd. was presented to the Court and being proved by the oath of JOHN WILLIAMS is ordered to be certified and at a court of quarterly sessions held for said county June 7th 1824.  RICD. STONNEL one of the Executors named in the last will and testament of JESSE WARDER decd. came into court and having made oath to the same and taken the oath of an Exor. and performed what is usual in such cases, certificate is granted him for obtaining a probate thereof in due form.

Teste, P. D. DAWE

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