Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Newspaper Tidbit

 The (Richmond) Times
August 24, 1890

Alexandria, Va, Aug. 23 - [special] - Invitations were out for a wedding to take place in Prince William county to-morrow, the contracting parties being Mr. Gummy Cole and Miss Addie Holmes, who have been considered engaged for a long time.  But of late Miss Addie has been accepting the attentions of a certain old widower, but nothing serious was thought of it until one night recently, when the couple were seen going towards Bakersville to take the train for Washington.  When passing out of the house Miss Holmes said she was merely going out in the yard, and her mother had no suspicion aroused until several days had elapsed.  The couple are now Mr. and Mrs. Halsey Reid.  The bride is of seventeen summers, while the groom has two children already.  Late advices from Manassas say that they have not returned from their honeymoon yet.

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