Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Newspaper Tidbit

The Commoner (Lincoln, Nebraska)
March 27, 1903

TWO FLINT LOCK PISTOLS WHICH WERE owned by George Washington are the subject of a dispute as to ownership and incidentally to the settlement of an estate in Prince William county, Virginia.  A writer in the Kansas City Journal says that the weapons, which are a perfectly matched pair, are in the possession of Miss Monnie Marsteller, who lives in Washington.  Some time before his death, General Washington gave the pistols to Mr. Dandridge, hsi secretary, and when Mr. Dandridge died, they were disposed of at public sale with the rest of his effects, under the direction of Bushrod Washington.  The grandfather of Miss Marsteller bought the weapons , and in due time he left them to his son, Samuel A. Marsteller, of Prince William county, Virginia.  Samuel was the father of Miss Monnie, and when he died, a short time ago, one of her brothers brought the pistols to her and said that she should have them.  Other relatives, however, have insisted upon forcing a sale of the property left behind by Samuel, and a suit, with this end in view, has been brought in the circuit court of Prince William county.

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